Students get a feel of hardships faced by visually challenged

Friday was the first day of a two-day workshop, ‘Embrace the Difference’ organised by the SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce in Sion


NASA’s small nuclear reactor ‘Kilopower’ to power a habitat on Mars

NASA is planning a mission that could send a nuclear fission reactor to Mars. This would be able to generate enough electricity to set up an outpost on the Red Planet.


Super blue moon on January 31 will mark last of trilogy: NASA

The last in a series of three supermoons will take place on January 31, NASA said in a report. Given that it would be the second new moon of the month, the lunar eclipse is being keenly anticipated.


Contaminated water can be tested at less than $1 with paper-based fuel cell

Researchers have developed a fuel cell that costs less than $1, and can detect contaminated water samples, that reduces the risk of water-borne infections.


New camera to probe condition of Fukushima reactor

Researchers have introduced a telescopic camera into the No 2 reactor of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, to see if the reactor has suffered extensive damage following the 2011 leak.


Microsoft develops AI enabled ‘bot artist’, that converts text to images

Microsoft has created an artist bot, based on artificial intelligence. This bot will enable users to create images from an object's textual description.


India tops in producing bachelors in science and engineering: report

Country accounts for 25% of the estimated 7.5 million bachelor in science and engineering degrees awarded globally in 2014


IISER campus to be a ‘symbol of science’

Will create right ambience to promote excellence, says its Director


Here is how your toothpaste may help fight malaria

An artificially-intelligent 'robot scientist' has helped identify a common toothpaste ingredient that can fight strains of malaria parasite that have grown resistant currently-used drugs.


Atoms-thin memory storage device created for more powerful computing

Researchers have been able to develop nanosized chips, a development that will enable smaller and faster computer and smartphone processors.


Microwaves might emit as much greenhouse gases as cars: Study

A new study suggests that microwaves could release emissions comparable to those released by cars throughout their life cycle.


‘Potentially hazardous’ asteroid, larger than the Burj Khalifa, to narrowly miss Earth’s surface

The asteroid, 2002 AJ149, is on a trajectory towards our planet, though it is expected to miss the surface by 4.18 million kms.


Strange star helps discover massive inactive black hole

Scientists at the European Southern Observatory have detcted an invisible black hole, which was found with a star revolving around it.


Smart car and smart bedprojects bag the top prize

The science project which bagged the first prize in The Hindu In School Science Festival here on Wednesday showcased a smart car and a smart bed.According to H.P. Rahul and Adithya S. Bhat of Sri Vyas...


ISRO’s Cartosat-2 becomes operational, beams first images

ISRO's recently launched Cartosat-2 satellite became operational, and beamed back its first images from Indore.


SEE PIC: First ever image taken by Cartosat-2 series satellite revealed by ISRO

The first day image captured by India's recently launched weather observation Cartosat-2 series satellite shows a part of Indore city in Madhya Pradesh with the Holkar Cricket Stadium in the centre. The image was acquired on January 15, three days after t


China just built the 'world's biggest air purifier' to tackle smog problem

Institute of Earth Environment at the Chinese Academy of Sciences is running the tests


Pune: Science and Technology Park gifts 2 water ‘ATMs’ to Karnataka village

The scheme was introduced in Maharashtra and, in its maiden attempt, set up such ‘ATMs’ at some railway stations.


Not for medical science to profiteer: Ram Nath Kovind

"Yet, as doctors, your services must be available both to those who can afford your fees and also to those who are less fortunate and cannot afford (it). It is for society to profit from medical science, it is not for medical science to profiteer from soc


Science admissions at GITAM

GITAM School of Science, Hyderabad, will offer admission into its B.Sc. & M.Sc. programmes for the academic year 2018-19. According to G. A. Rama Rao, Principal, applications have been invited for...


Skills that made waste useful

First All Kerala Technical High School Science and Technology Festival begins


3D printed soft structures can help in tissue regeneration, organ transplants

Researchers have been able to use 3D printing technology to develop scaffolds, that can help in tissue regeneration procedures.


SpaceX, Boeing look to resume manned missions; plan commercial space travel

2018 will see private companies SpaceX and Boeing launch manned space shuttles, in an attempt by the private sector to provide more commercial impetus to space travel.


Robotic baby shows how biological dust develops immunity in human infants

Scientists have tested robotic baby to find that infants inhale 20 times more dust than adults, but also show that early exposure to dust reduces possibility of developing asthma.


Carbon dioxide can be converted to plastic through new copper catalyst

Researchers have made use of a catalyst, based on copper, that can convert carbon dioxide to plastic, and minimises methane production.


Secure, un-hackable computer network made a reality by quantum physics

Researchers have been able to create a computer that checks security of quantum computers before interacting with them.


Australia offers cash for Great Barrier Reef rescue ideas

Australia is calling on the world's top scientific minds to help save the Great Barrier Reef, offering hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund research into protecting the world's largest living structure. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed reef is reeling


Tiny bird-like dinosaur with rainbow feathers discovered

Scientists have discovered 161 million-year-old fossils of a tiny bird-like dinosaur from China that sported flashy rainbow feathers and a bony crest on its snout to attract mates. Researchers conducted the first in-depth study of the dinosaur named Caiho


Now, print a 200-million-year-old dinosaur skull at home

The reconstructed version of a dinosaur skull, enabled through 3D pringting, has helped researchers understand more about their bodily features and functions.


Gecko-inspired adhesives may help robots scale new heights

Researchers have created a dry adhesive, that can enable robots to walk on walls, just like geckos and lizards.


NASA telescopes provide 3D journey through Orion Nebula

NASA has introduced a 3-minute video of the Orion Nebula, created through photos and data, that give stargazers a unique view of the universe.


Alibaba’s AI outgunned humans in key Stanford reading test

A Stanford University test on reading and comprehension saw an Alibaba-created artificial intelligence system outscore a human.

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